The Passionflowers

Purple Passionflower Purple Passionflower Purple Passionflower

What are they?

A family of mostly tropical and subtropical climbing plants with unique and quite spectacular flowers. Some species are cultivated for their edible fruits.

Where are they found?

Passionflowers are mostly found in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, but a few species extend northward into temperate regions. North America's Purple Passionflower has long been known as a native as far north as Delaware but recent finds in Cape May may suggest it is spreading northward - though an escape from cultivation is also possible.


With only one species likely in our region, identification is straightforward, though careful attention to flower detail and leaf shape should be made in case of the discovery of other species arising as escapes from cultivation.

Purple Passionflower      Passiflora incarnata

Possibly native or perhaps introduced and first found growing wild in Cape May County in 2013. Flowers July to September or later in mild years. A climbing plant with remarkably elaborate flowers which are easily identified. Should be looked for in sunny locations along the edges of woods, fields or roadsides.
Purple Passionflower Purple Passionflower Purple Passionflower