There is an enormous wealth of information on plants of New Jersey, dating back to the very earliest times of natural history discovery in America; days when intrepid botanists where heading east from Philadelphia on horseback or by horse-drawn wagon to explore the coast and pinelands of South Jersey, and return with specimens of species that were then new to science. Gradually a great number of books have been written, bringing us up to modern times, when websites have started to replace books as identification resources. This site has drawn heavily on the work of others, but hopefully will be seen as being unique in pulling so many other resources together into a single location, and thus saving anyone seeking to identify a plant from having to search in many different places for a possible answer.

Many books, websites and other resources were used in the making of this site and all such resources considered to be worthy of consultation are recognized, thanked with gratitude and listed here.

Regional field guides and floras

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Specialist identification guides

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Plant communities and habitats

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Short papers, journals and other literature resources

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Web resources

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