Daisy Family

American Yarrow Eastern Baccharis Eastern Baccharis American Yarrow

What are they?

This page brings together a few members of the daisy family which look rather different to other members of the family and so could not be included on other pages.

American Yarrow      Achillea borealis

A very common species of grassy roadsides, disturbed ground and field edges. The many-flowered, flat heads superficially resemble some members of the carrot family, but the leaves are distinctive, being twice-divided (bi-pinnate) into narrow segments, giving them a very feathery look. Flowers late May to October, occasionally later in mild years.
American Yarrow American Yarrow American Yarrow American Yarrow
Close-up of flowers
Early-season plant
Leaves are deeply divided
and feathery

Eastern Baccharis      Baccharis halimifolia
A common woody shrub of saltmarsh edge, wet dunes and other coastal wetland areas. Flowers August to September, but so eye-catching with its fluffy white seedheads that it could be thought to be in flower through to late November. Some leaves remain on the bush overwinter, but any bare twigs can be told by their distinctive grooves.
Eastern Baccharis Eastern Baccharis Eastern Baccharis Eastern Baccharis
Flowers (male on left,
female on right)
Eastern Baccharis Eastern Baccharis
Winter twig